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Story Synopsis

A feature film about music, life and chasing your dreams

Steffie Waters has lived her whole life in a small and strangely musical country town, brought up by her grandmother Maria. Steffie would love to get to the big city but is held back by her loyalty to her boyfriend Mike and best friend Allie. But when Sebastian Johnson and Kev Plummer, two ageing judges from a struggling reality TV show, Band in Australia, arrive in town to run a music competition, Steffie has to make some tough decisions about her future. As the week in the small country town unfolds, Sebastian - who is Maria's old flame - is confronted with the consequences of his past, and he and Steffie must both work out what is truly important in life.

Featuring a superb soundtrack, The Competition is a warm-hearted story of what it really takes to follow your dreams.

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